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Aurora Gold - Premium Garden Soil

Aurora Gold - Premium Garden Soil

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Aurora Gold - Premium Garden Soil

Bag Volume = 1 Cubic Yard (27 cubic feet) - Delivery is INCLUDED and Multibag-Purchase-DISCOUNT Applies


Our most popular and versatile product, 1/4" screened 'Aurora Gold' is a dark soil comprised of an equal blend of locally sourced and composted manure, composted organic matter and a small amount of course sand. 'Aurora Gold' is Top-Soil-FREE giving it the greatest opportunity to be  Weed-Seed-Free,  unlike any other Soil product on the market.  

It provides excellent Ph levels for all plant growth and excels as a soil enhancer, particularily in amending clay based soils.  

A must for the creation of NEW GARDENS or to top-up existing beds of flowers, trees and shrubs.  It can also be successfully used to top dress lawns at 1/2” inch and is recommended to be used in place of 'Grass Grower' for those who have sandy soils.

BED COVERAGE – 1 cubic yard bag will cover 100’ square feet at 3” inches.

LAWN DRESSING -  1 cubic yard bag will cover 750’ square feet at ½” inch.