Do I need to be home to receive the product ?

Do I need to be home to receive the product ?

No, we would ask you to indicate with an X on the driveway, Knowing the bag is 3’x 3’x 3’. Our Question to you – “I’m standing on the road looking up the driveway towards the garage/house – will that X be top left or top right near the garage, or bottom left or bottom right near the road?

Sometimes, the bag drop will be in a lane behind the house. What street do we access from? And we would require identifying factors in lane for driveway.

Sometimes, there is no garage, - it could still be top left or right, and if there is no garage or driveway, it may have to go on a cement pad, or walkway.

We do not like to place on grass, as sitting there will kill grass. We do not like to drive over lawn(s) as the weight of the fork lift will definitely put ruts in the grass.

We need 8-9 feet of width to move, therefore can’t go through narrow gates into the back. Also we cannot drop a bag over a fence, if fence is higher than 3 feet.